Speak With Confidence! Ace Interviews, Dates & Negotiations

May 4, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Simba Nyazika
Speak With Confidence! Ace Interviews, Dates & Negotiations

Does your confidence waiver when speaking? Maybe it’s in a social, professional or romantic interaction, where being confident is pivotal to your success. Confidence is expressed almost entirely through your body language. Body language or non-verbal behaviour refers to the way you talk, walk and move. This information tells the world how confident you feel about yourself and therefore how the world should treat you.

By the end of this meetup, you will:
-Learn key principle to build your confidence capacity
-Become aware of barriers to your confidence
-Have tools to overcome barriers to your confidence

• Cost
$15 drop-in

This event is designed for:
Professionals, parents, students and anyone who wants to improve their confidence in different situations. The principles covered will give you the tools to gain control of your confidence and use it to your advantage!

This event is not for:
Individuals looking for quick fix solutions.