Thursdays are Live Open Stage at Naked Cyber Cafe.

Our (fully-equipped with instruments, sound and lights) open stage has always been a place that local musicians and music students can use for playing and practicing, typically in front of a very receptive audience.

Every Thursday evening is “Open Stage” where anyone can drop in and play.

The Only Rules

  • Open stage starts at 9:00pm.
  • Drop in starting around 8:00, have a coffee, sign up.
  • 9:00pm start – You can do a few songs
  • No pre-recorded music (has to be live)* – we often livecast and can’t broadcast pre-recorded music)
  • Take part in jams later if you like

That’s It for rules!

7 thoughts on “Open Stage

  1. Hi! so people sign up between 7-8 and the open stage goes from 9-10? Friends are asking when to be there to hear Hunter play.

    1. Hi Jamie, people can just show up around 9. There’s a signup sheet that gets put out then, and artists just put their name. The cafe is open until 1am, and the playing/jamming goes until then, if people want. Pretty laid back, so if Hunter showed up and put down his name, eventually he’ll play, but as the night goes on, people can just join in and jam if someone needs a drummer, singer, bass etc.

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